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The battery of dc electric motor electric trailer


The surface of battery of dc electric motor electric trailer,cables and bolt should maintain clean and dry .If there is any acid liquor should use alkali liquor on cotton to wipe .In the process of cleaning ,never be allowed the alkali liquor into the battery .
2..The battery of dc electric motor electric trailer connection must maintain contact well ,in case cause spark to burn out or makes battery explosion .
3.The battery should avoid overcharge ,over discharge ,force charging and undercharge,otherwise will shorten the battery life .
4.Never be allowed fall into any harmful substances within the battery .Measuring the electrolyte density ,temperature and liquid level instruments should be kept clean ,in case the impurities into the battery .
5.Do not be allowed to put any conductive items on the battery cover ,in case cause the battery to short circuit.
6.Should charging timely after battery discharge,the longest time interval must not exceed 24 hours .
7.The battery of dc electric motor electric trailer is in use process,if appear behind the battery ,should be find out the reason timely and repair immediatly.If can not repair ,a new battery should be replaced .
8.Never be allowed fall into any harmful substances within the battery ,the temperature should be between 10~35℃,should not too high or too low .
9.No smoke ,no fire in accumulator plant. In case of hydrogen gas explosion accidents.Charging indoor should have good ventilation and the room temperature not less than 15℃.
10.Often can appear voltage ,density and capacity is imbalance in the process of battery use .In order to make the battery to balance at the same goog condition in use ,battery should be equalizing charge once a month .If there is one of the fellowing circumstances.should be balance charge .
A.Discharge voltage often reduce to below termination voltage .
B.The discharge current too high ;
C.Does not charge timely after discharge ;
D.Sneak into harmless impurities mixed with electrolyte;
E.Often undercharge or not use for a long time ;
F.Remove the group of inspection or remove sediment dirt effectually.

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