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Special Function Transfer Cart for Steel Coils, Steel Billet and Ladle


Special Function Transfer Cart for Steel Coils, Steel Billet and Ladl 

For steel plants, there are some difficulties about the transportation due to their special features of the steel products. 

To save manpower and increase the working efficiency, the motorized transfer carts are more and more popular for heavy duty and oversize material or cargo transportation. This kind transfer cart can be design as your real application or your cargo. Like steel coils, steel pipes, steel ladle or billet, according to their appearance and size, positioning device is optional for the convenience of fixation and transportation for these cargoes. 

The steel billet transfer handling equipment is designed to transport steel billet, or other metal billet and smelting models. Due to the surface temperature is so high, we specially handle the surface of the transfer cart to protect the cart from the heat of the billet. High temperature resistant heat insulation materials are used to block the heat to transfer.

Helping clients to solve the transportation of heavy duty and oversize cargo/products is our innovative goal all the time.

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