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Rail Heavy Duty Flat Car


The KPJ series rail heavy duty flat car is a reel-powered electric flat car that is powered by a cable reel 380V. The cable reel is hysteresis coupled to ensure that the cable is evenly stressed and not easily pulled. The AC 380V provides power to the YZ lifting metallurgical motor on the flat car, and the motor drives the rail heavy duty flat car to run. When the flat car is running, the cable reel automatically rolls up or releases the cable, which is affected by the length of the reel supply. Generally, the maximum running distance is less than 200m.
The KPX series rail heavy duty flat car is a battery electric flat car powered by a battery. The battery supplies power to the DC traction motor, and the DC motor drives the flat car to run. Compared with AC motors, DC motors have the advantages of not easily burning, high starting torque and strong overload capability. The running distance is not limited. It has greater safety performance and maneuverability than the KPJ and KPD series of flat cars. The running distance is not limited, and there is no insulation requirement for the track, so the construction is convenient and the cost is low.
rail heavy duty flat car

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