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Motorized Flat trolley for Power Equipment


 For the last two months we are in the process of negotiation for the motorized trolleys. The buyer is the biggest cable drum manufacturer. They provide power equipment for the world wide ports and shipping companies.

And now they just got a contract with a big shipping company. They are asked to provide a device which will feed power for the tankers. As we all know that the oil tanks will use its own power when it is in the sea, yet when the ship docks at the pier, it need to cut off the engine, which makes the vessel got no power. So now it will need a cable to feed the power.

What makes it difficult is that the vessel is floating in the water, the cable needs to dive to the bottom of the vessel. So the interface will move with the vessel. On the other way, because the different size and dock position, there must be some allowance for the length of cable, which will be mobile. In that case, the company found us and wanted us to make a trolley which is motorized, and will transfer the equipment to move in the dock. At the same time, the cable will need a guide device to lead the cable and protect the equipment when the vessel floats away. So we manufacture a trolley and all the equipment will be on the top. And when it is done of manufacturing, it will be like this but much bigger than that, we will see:
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