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Heavy Duty Platform Cart


1. Trackless electric heavy duty platform cart has strong load capacity and can turn freely. It can be used to transport heavy workpieces and maintenance tools during ship maintenance. Most of them are used in shipyards to assemble ships and warships and transporting large components (such as propellers, motors, etc.).
2. When the Trackless electric heavy duty platform cart is used in the flaw detection room, it is necessary to install an electric roller bracket on the table, and the battery provides power to drive the roller to the driving system. The inspection equipment is used to complete the flaw detection of cylindrical welded parts such as pressure vessels.
3. Trackless electric heavy duty platform cart battery power supply without external power supply, not afraid of water accumulation, motor, reducer, electrical control box and other electrical parts do waterproof treatment, rubber wheel wear-resistant waterproof not afraid of rust. It is applied to cleaning the mould and other workpieces in the cleaning room to achieve the functions of rust removal and cleaning.
Trackless electric heavy duty platform cart

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