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Electeric Heavy Duty Coil Car


1. To transport coils and aluminium coils in steel and aluminium factories, U-frame or V-frame should be installed on the countertop, which can fix coils and aluminium coils. Because there is no cable, it is suitable for S-shaped turning lines and circulation lines. It can also be controlled automatically to realize unmanned operation from workshop to warehouse. electric heavy duty coil car runs smoothly and turns flexibly. It is the preferred tool for large tonnage workpiece transportation.
2. In the welding process of cylindrical workpiece such as round steel and reaction tank, it is necessary to rotate the workpiece to realize 360 degree welding. The electric heavy duty coil car is laid on the ground and connected to the flaw detection room. A roller bracket is installed on the platform of the track flat car. The roller is driven by a motor reducer to rotate so as to drive the rotation of cylindrical workpiece such as round steel. After welding, it is transported to the flaw detection room and driven by the rotation of the roller. Realize 360 degree detection.
3. Because of its low desktop and wireless characteristics, it can transport sand-blasting workpieces to the sand-blasting room, and the flat car is surrounded by fencing boards, which effectively protects the motor, reducer, electrical appliances, batteries and other components. It can realize the functions of lifting and table rotation, and ensure all-round sand-blasting of workpieces.
electric heavy duty coil car

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