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Feeling When Loading up Transfer Carts Applied in Material Handling


The older we get, the more excited we are about giving gift than receiving them. That is how I feel every time we load up a cart onto flat truck.


Then you thought about how difficult it was when you negotiated with customers, argued for specifications and price. After that, the worker welded every steel plate, machining every raw material, inspected every process, and all the hard work is valuable now. From the order to delivery, sometimes a few weeks or a few months, during this time, we kept thinking about the requirement of the customers. Whether they will like our design or not, how to make it better for using, and how to make it more reliable than we expected, and this exact spirit makes us better, makes this company better, and makes our customers more happy.


Although we feel tired sometime, why we are so strict to ourselves, but when we get the news that our clients are very happy because the carts is over than their expectation, then everything is worth it. And then we feel pride for what we do!

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