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The Transport Program of Transfer Car For Coating Production Line


          The Transport Program of Transfer Car For Coating Production Line 

Wuxi XX Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, ordered two BXC-2OT and two BJT-20T electric transfer carts from Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd.

Technical parameters:

1. Table Size:4500*2200mm

2. Rail Inner Gauge1435mm

3. Control Method: pendant and remote control

4. Running Speed: 0-20M / min

5. Security Measures: motor,reducer,electrical appliances,warning light and normal explosion-proof treatment,flame-retardant cable.

Wuxi XX Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a collection of research and development,manufacturing and trade export as one of professional manufacturing of oil drilling machinery.The company has integrated manufacturing capacity ,such as  design and development, machining, welding, stamping, heat treatment, painting and  installation, and has complete measurement, physical and chemical detection means.

     They bought these transfer carts to transport petroleum machinery such as sucker rod to the paint spray room, sandblasting room and baking room.The BXC-20 transfer cart transfer the petroleum machinery into the sandblasting room for blasting, and then go into the spray room for painting. After finishing paint,The petroleum machinery will be put on the BJT-20 transfer cart from the BXC transfer car with the help of hoisting equipment,then go into the baking room.They use BXC transfer car in the blasting room to protect the cable from the hit of the sands,while,they also make protective treatments for the motor,reducer,alarm lamp to avoiding the damage from blasting sands. Due to the inner temperature of baking room is 80 degree, they adopt the BJT transfer car with flame-retardant cable instead of BXC transfer cart to resist the high temperature.

         No faults have occurred since the equipment was delivered to use.

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