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The partner of low voltage platform car trailer with rail


Transformer is the common electrical parts of platform car trailer with rail which can change voltage so that can convenient to safety use,it is usually has reducing transformer and increasing transformer two kinds.
In domestic,there are two types voltage:3P,380v and 2P,220v.Electric platform car trailer with rail according to loading capacity and running distance to choose the transformer power,as usual,capacity above 50ton and running distance is very far will adopts 3P,380v transformer.if capacity can’t up to 50 ton will use 2P,220v transformer.
As the partner of platform car trailer with rail,transformer also can customized as different voltage,most of the customized transformers are exported to foreign countries,foreign voltage usual is 415v,3p and 220v,3p.For input voltage is different,winding is more than domestic,tap switch and insulating material also are different,so can’t blindly matching.

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