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New features of towed cable power transfer truck


 Yesterday,one Spain customer wrote a letter to me:His towed cable power transfer truck running path in the inner of warehouse,sometimes there are workers walking on it,so he don’t want to choose bus bar power transfer truck;Because battery needed to maintenance frequency,he also didn’t adopts battery powered transfer truck;For cables towed on the ground,so he also dropped this method; If choose powered by rails,the cost is very high.At last,he asked me:is there any other power supply method for the towed cable power transfer truck?

As a professional manufacturer of towed cable power transfer truck,our BEFANBY company certainly can provide another way,this way is between towed cable and bus bar powered,this is transfer truck still adopts tow cable as power supply,but the cables hanged in the air.It overcomes the drawback of the above several kinds of power supply.Its types as following:
1,C type chute:small pulley in the chute,resistance is very small,and it not limit to trolley’s running distance;
2,Suspension wire rope pulley:set up a steel wire rope above the running path,then pulley rolling on the steel wire rope.There is no limit to running distance.
3,Change steel wire rope into 6mm or 8mm steel wire,then add sliding ring on the air.The cost of this method is very low,customer can make it by oneself.

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